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{lo ctuca be fo lo lojbo cu te pilno lo lojbo|An Introduction to Lojban in Lojban}¹: I would love to have a lesson of lojban entirely in lojban,² begining by explaining the basics with the simplest possible lojban, and then using this new knowledge to write the next lessons with what has been learned before… But I don’t have the skills to do so (as you may have guessed by reading my poor examples). Why would I want such a madness? Because then I would gradually familiarize myself with lojban by having to read a lot of it, while not being strained by complex structures that I do not yet understand: I want to read lojban before having read all of the lessons :o)

entirely in lojban²: talking about that… Did I say there would not be any english on this site beside for the manual {(“ma te pilno lo mutpapri”)…? |How to Use this Website} Here is an exception, and only until I get around to expressing this in lojban :-P